The Teacher Is the Student Series – #4

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This series contains ways that you can supercharge anything you’re learning; anything you want to internalize; anything you want to become more competent at, no matter the topic. If you do the things suggested in this series… * You will learn faster * You will comprehend difficult, new concepts more … Read More

The Case Against Goals – Part 3

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The Case Against Goals Why hasn’t anyone come out with a book that makes the definitive case against goals? Perhaps part of the answer to that question is found in the comments written by goal-setting proponents online. Anywhere that an article is written in a blog that identifies how and why … Read More

The Case Against Goals – Part 2

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In The Case Against Goals series, we are dealing with the same question others have pondered and answered. Remember the question? Why do some people achieve their goals, while others flounder in procrastination, self-doubt, and fear? ‘But, Jim!’ you may say, ‘you already said that PJ McClure and Noah St. John have … Read More

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