Integrity Appears Out of the Unseen – Gossip Part 2

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We are right to feel horrible about ourselves when we’ve participated in gossip. In a figurative sense, we’ve thrown a rock through the living room window of the person we are talking about. We’ve spray-painted a vulgar message on their garage. We have harmed that person’s reputation by abiding the … Read More

Tim’s TV

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My good friend, Tim, attached his flat screen television to a wall mount – the kind that allows the screen to be turned to the right or left – and installed it on the wall. He then sat down and watched a movie. It worked just fine. Then Don came … Read More

Start With Heart

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“Look, I didn’t mean to start an argument. And I don’t know why you’re all offended. I merely said that I think you are an idiot, so I don’t see what the big deal is.” This is something you will probably never hear in the course of a high stakes … Read More

Forgiveness Q & A – How Many Times?

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Q:           I remember a story in the Bible where Jesus was asked how many times we should forgive the same person. He said you should forgive hundreds of times. This is one of the reasons I do not believe in the Bible. How is there any wisdom or practicality … Read More

Forgiveness Q & A – Why Should I Forgive?

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Why Should I Forgive?  Q:           Whether or not the person who hurt me deserves to be forgiven by me, or whether or not I really should forgive them, honestly, I don’t even think about those kinds of questions. I have moved on. I am able to be a successful … Read More

My Mother-In-Law Hates Me

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This is an equal opportunity phenomenon, experienced by both husbands and wives. To be sure, an article this short cannot begin to address core issues, so know that that is not what this is about. This is about one thing. If you find that you are the focus of anyone’s … Read More

Moving Up Versus Moving On

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A powerful little phrase came to me during a recent coaching session. I was working with a person who is coping with a great deal of pain involving the choices of her significant other. In talking about her life and the troubled state of the relationship, she kept saying that … Read More

Rosa Parks and the Positive Power of Intolerance

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UNESCO is an agency of the United Nations. It was formed to “promote the exchange of information, ideas, and culture.” Sounds good, right? Go online to learn more about UNESCO and you will find out that in 1984 the US withdrew as a member of that body to “protest its … Read More

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