In the articles I have posted here at Obstacle Blaster, I draw upon my many years of experience. I have been a counselor, mentor, voracious reader, entrepreneur, and all-around expert in the field of failure. Personally and professionally, I have done a lot of things wrong. The good, the bad and the ugly of my life experience has forged within me a very strong passion. I now aim to do four things in my life: Teach, Inspire, Motivate and Encourage.


Success Through Failure

In the Obstacle Blaster blog, you have found an oasis on the Web. Obstacle Blaster is dedicated to helping readers blast through personal, interpersonal, and professional obstacles. It is all about moving beyond things that stand in the way of the outcomes that lead to a happier, more satisfying personal and professional life. We will work through how to get through bad stuff in order to get to the good stuff. I have done it and if I can, anyone can.

Let’s be clear about something. Does my training and experience in counseling and do my successes in the business world explain why you should read my articles and keep coming back? To be candid, no. Not really.

The biggest source of inspiration and passion that fuels my writing is from a place that means a lot to most people: my fantastic failures! It’s real simple: I am a documented failure and screw up.

According to Niels Bohr, Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner, “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”

By the Bohr standard of expertise…
  • I am a business, branding, and general marketing expert. As a former marketing consultant (which is where I made a whole bunch of money in the early-mid 2000’s) and owner of my own small marketing consultancy, I ultimately failed in all the ways one can fail.
  • I am a relationship expert. My two failed marriages helped make that happen.
  • I am an expert in workplace relations. My past as someone who contributed to – and then learned from – all kinds of workplace negativity as an employee and later as a boss.
  • I am an expert in forgiveness. So says many of my life experiences, some that go back to childhood, after which I lived for many years in victimhood and bitterness, and learned that unforgiveness is a great way to ensure lifelong unhappiness.


The Path of Pain & Loss… Toward Personal Freedom and Restoration

For a time in the mid-2000’s I was a multi-millionaire (mostly on paper). Thinking I was invincible, I leveraged it, spent foolishly, assumed that marketing smarts somehow made me an investment genius. I hid from my wife the mounting losses, and I ultimately lost my house and family.

Within an an 18-month time-frame, I experienced a serious life and lifestyle implosion. I went from watching all the Seattle Seahawks’ home games from the posh environment of my own 24-seat luxury suite at the stadium, surrounded by family and friends, to loading up a U-Haul in my driveway with the help of my dad and one friend.

So, I am an expert in pain and loss. But all that pain and loss has been the fertilizer for new life and new growth and new business and personal success acquired the right way. My personal pain and loss in life is what helped me write Pull Your Head Out!, my e-book that you see mentioned here.

Get to Know!

Nowadays I really am a successful person. Why? Because I have learned how to turn painful life experiences and epic failure into life lessons. A bunch of lessons that have changed me for the better… and thousands of others. In fact, as I have already alluded to, some of my life’s failures – if we are going to use that word – have been spectacular debacles; enormous mistakes; mega lapses in judgment. I have been financially solid and I have experienced a foreclosure. I have made a lot of people mad (for the right and wrong reasons) and I have made a lot of people happy.

In short, I have learned – through personal study and especially through the applied research of excruciating experiences – how to blast through difficulties of all kinds. No matter how big the past setbacks have been, I have learned how to continue to overcome obstacles.

  • Get to know how to achieve relationship success
  • Learn how to experience sustained success in business
  • Adopt the right way to think and the right way to confront challenges
  • Begin to succeed because of, not in spite of, my past flops. I am an Obstacle Blaster
  • Make peace with – learn to live with – imperfection.


Commit to Thinking Differently

So, Why the Obstacle Blaster blog? Here’s My Why…

To me, there’s generally no such thing as failure (as you’ll read at this blog). If you so choose, you can adopt a better way of thinking. No matter who you are and no matter what the obstacles, anyone can make big changes. We all have the capacity to eventually convert all the painful and pathetic things in the past. Through better thinking, we can take command of our own life. You can use the lessons of the past to help make a phenomenal future. I am fanatical about helping people get out of, and stay out of, painful situations in life, in personal relationships and at the workplace. I guarantee that if you will take seriously what you read here, you will be an Obstacle Blaster too.

Although I am a life coach in the areas/topics you see dealt with here, do not make the mistake of referring to me as The Obstacle Blaster. If and when obstacles get blasted, that’s your doing, not mine. I don’t blast obstacles. You do when you decide that’s what you want to do and when your desire to get rid of the obstacles is greater than your desire to allow them to stay in your way and to allow those obstacles to continue to be a daily part of your life.

That is my Why. What is yours?

— Jim