The Teacher Is the Student Series – #3

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This series contains ways that you can supercharge anything you’re learning; anything you want to internalize; anything you want to become more competent at, no matter the topic. If you do the things suggested in this series…

* You will learn faster

* You will comprehend difficult, new concepts more quickly

* You will blast through obstacles in life more swiftly and easily

The concept here is based upon the fact that those teachers who are thoroughly engaged in the subject matter they’re teaching, tend to learn at an ever-deeper level the material they are teaching.

Read, Then Get Someone to “Quiz” You

Once you’re pretty sure you’ve absorbed the content of a particular chapter, have someone quiz you on that chapter.


* If you schedule these quizzing “sessions” to occur on a regular basis, the built-in accountability involved will motivate you to read and study more material than you would if you were studying by yourself.

* The built-in accountability involved will also motivate you to read and study more carefully. You’ll pay more attention to what you’re reading. Thus, you’ll absorb more of what you want to learn.

* You are including someone else, which means the material you’re learning will, by this exposure and almost by osmosis, benefit them as well as you.

* If this happens to be material you believe the other person really needs to learn and apply to their life, all the better. If this is the case, however, an obvious word of caution for you: focus on yourself only. If your “study helper” senses any element of a ruse, you could bring harm to the relationship. You could lose more than a “study helper”; you could lose your credibility and their trust. Worse yet, if you’re intending for these sessions to be as much (or maybe even more) for the edification of the other person, you’ll be processing the information through that filter and, thus, you won’t be concentrating on absorbing the material for yourself. If you can remain “me only” in this pursuit, you’ll get as much out of the exercise as you can and the other person will get as much out of it as they can as well.

* The built-in accountability involved will motivate you to finish the book.

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