They Don’t Want You to Succeed – Part 2

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And speaking about banking…

The Banks.

Do the banks and credit card companies make less money or more money when you get out of debt? Of course, less money. Therefore, they have a vested interest in “helping” you get into debt – and more of it – and in staying indebted to them in the form of endless interest payments on a principle that never goes away… forever.

One of the big components of financial success is becoming, and remaining, debt free. Do the banks and credit card companies want you to succeed in this area? No.

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When they say they want to help you, it is generally in the context of “helping” you “manage” your debt to them. It’s never about becoming financially independent so that you never need them. Of course not. Their idea of help is like a drug dealer offering to assist you in arriving at a perfect balance in your lifelong dependency upon what they are selling – not enough to kill you, but always enough to hold you in a state of dependency upon what they sell… so you keep coming back for more.

To learn more about the insidious nature of banks and banking…

…grab a copy of the best-selling book that describes the origin of the modern-day banking system, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, OR…

…if you’re more into videos, watch The Secret of Oz, a 112-minute award-winning documentary you can watch for free on YouTube, OR…

…if you only want to invest ten minutes, for now, click HERE for a very well-written article that summarizes the problem and the solution.*

The seemingly secret solution for a nation to get out of the mess we’re in is the same for the individual: take responsibility and take control… starting with getting educated. The drug dealer doesn’t profit when the user takes back control of his life. Neither do the banks.

And speaking of drugs…

The Pharmaceutical Industry.                               

You cannot watch a half hour of television on virtually any channel nowadays without seeing at least one full-minute advertisement for some new drug that has been shown to be effective in treating some new condition.

Is it just me, or do you sometimes wonder if they create drugs in order to treat various diseases and disorders that, strangely, didn’t exist until about the time the medication appeared on the market? Or how about the approach taken to treat something called Attention Deficit Disorder (I’ve “suffered” from the symptoms of ADD all my life and have found that diet is both the cause and the cure for ADD).

This from Nassim Nicholas Taleb, best-selling author of Black Swan, in his wonderful book of aphorisms, called The Bed of Procrustes:  “For instance, few realize that we are changing the brains of schoolchildren through medication in order to make them adjust to the curriculum, rather than the reverse.”

Here’s a thought that would have a massive impact on people who’ve, until now, accepted that there may be no alternative to popping pills for the rest of their “natural” lives:

Full health is the natural state of the human body.

Think about that. That “big idea” is in direct opposition to the pharmaceutical companies and, unfortunately, the modern day “mainstream” medical industry. There is simply no money to be made when we’re all in good health. They’ve determined that the key to their success is keeping as many people as possible in a state of ignorance about the difference between feeling good because you’re actually healthy and feeling good because your pills just kicked in.

Decide today that you will start to be more contentious about what goes into your body. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine and the author of the Hippocratic Oath, wrote, “…let your food be your medicine and medicine your food.”

“For instance, few realize that we are changing the brains of schoolchildren through medication in order to make them adjust to the curriculum, rather than the reverse.”

Today the folks who’ve promised to “do no harm” do great harm every day. They don’t know any better. They are doing what they were taught to do in medical school: write a prescription! Treat the symptoms. Well, how’s that been working for us? What if more of us decided to take personal responsibility for our own health and took heed of Hippocrates’ wise words about food?

Big picture: would it be worse for the economy or better for the economy if drug companies started to go out of business because people just didn’t need their products anymore?

It is sad but true: there are industries and professions that exist and thrive off of the misery of the masses, who choose – out of ignorance – to listen to the solutions they sell. The survival of those industries and professions depends upon things not going well for you and me. They have a vested interest in seeing us not overcome the things that are holding us back in life. Are your daily choices, even indirectly, tending to support those industries and professions, or helping to eventually shut them down?

The bottom line is that we’ve got to take more responsibility for our own lives. In this two-part article, we’ve looked at four industries that, as a whole, do not have our best interests at heart. Sure, all four of them say they do, but if we take an objective look at the consequences of their “contribution” to our lives, we know the truth; we aren’t better off by allowing them undue influence in our everyday decision-making. We are worse off.

But that can change. Act now.

* PLEASE NOTE: No part of this article is intended to endorse or promote the aspirations of any particular political party or politician or candidate for elective office. My opinion is that to the degree that Washington DC may be the source of some of the solutions to our problems, those solutions will come from a whole new level of thinking than what we’ve seen in recent years.

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